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Playing it forward, one pint at a time

After a 30-plus-year career as an international professional musician and piano conductor, Bill Eddins is spending his retirement as a business owner. He says MetroNOME Brewing was founded on the belief that education in general, and music education in particular, is the gateway to a better, more fulfilling life. The brewery contributes its proceeds, along with donations it receives, to music education groups in the Twin Cities metro area. Eddins says the brewery seeks to ensure that any child who loves music is able to find a way to play.

“What we're trying to do is we're trying to create a movement here,” said Eddins, “because it's all about the mission, and if enough people buy into the mission, then together, we can make an impact.”

A long-time home brewer, Eddins sought the help of fellow beer enthusiast - and now business partner - Matt Engstrom. MetroNOME has a taproom, performance space for local musicians, and rentable space for community members.

“Half of the people who are already booked to play at Metronome are young professionals, people who are not established. We want to give them the opportunity to showcase their skills because this showcases the fact that the mission makes sense. What is wrong with people enjoying and playing and learning about music that it somehow is so controversial that we don't want to fund it?”

Eddins says they hope to grow the business further, redistributing money where it’s most needed.


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