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“Fire Ms. Skelly!” Students Demand Repercussions for Racial Slur

Updated: May 8, 2022

Northeast Middle School’s students and supporters held a protest Friday afternoon outside the school’s doors after a teacher said the ‘N’ word during class. Christina Skelly-Brogdon said the ‘N’ word in front of a class of students who now currently have a petition to fire her. According to the students, this isn’t the first time this has happened at Northeast Middle School. On google, you can see reviews referring to the school’s staff as “bullies” towards the children. Which in the context of Northeast Middle School’s history with bullying explains one of the reasons this school has a very low ranking for Minnesota schools. 

Northeast Middle School, full of diversity and families with liberal views, is run by a predominantly white staff. This is common for most K-12 public schools in Minnesota. Over 90% of teachers in public and private schools (with the exclusion of immersion and alternative schools) are white. 

Northeast Middle School isn’t the first to face racial allegations. Again, as I mentioned, over 90% of teachers in Minnesota are white–in 2021. 

The students hit the streets of the neighborhood and marched to Edison High. A Northeast Minneapolis highschool also known for racist allegations

As of Friday evening, Northeast Middle School and Minneapolis Public Schools (department) have not made any public statements about the incident.

Here is coverage of the event from Move For Justice News below.


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