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Eden Prairie High School Basketball Coach Resigns

Former players from Eden Prarie Basketball team pose for a photo (Jasmine McBride/BLCK Press)

Eden Prairie High School basketball coach, David Flom, announced his resignation Friday. Parents received an email from Flom stating “after many weeks of reflection and thoughtful conversations with my family and loved ones, I have decided it’s time for someone else to take leadership of the Eden Prairie basketball team.”

“I am sorry that my mistake made the season so challenging for all of us,” he continued. “We’ve prided ourselves on trying to provide our players and families positive experiences - obviously I missed the mark this year. I want to thank so many of you for your grace and support during this difficult time for my family and me.”

Earlier this week parents, students, and allies packed an Eden Prairie School District board meeting to voice their ongoing concerns over Flom, who was reinstated after using the N-word with students. Several students quit the team in protest.

Parent Janell Lofton-Minta says she has hopes for the future of the Eden Prairie basketball team.

“I am hopeful this process allows the district to identify someone that has the talent, leadership, and training to bring healing to the program that allows all players to thrive.”

Parent Krystal Queen says while this is a step forward, the next step matters.

“The first step is complete, but there are many more things at play here. One, the district let him get reinstated, so what are they still doing besides this to make it right with all the young men and their families? Where is the communication? Where are the meetings to bring these young men and their families back together? A lot of healing needs to take place,” said Queen. “Two, a new coach needs to be hired. Who is interviewing? Are there youth on the panel? How does that individual not only have basketball knowledge and can coach, but most importantly can build relationships with these young men to have greatness on and off the court. Third, we need to rebuild a culture of inclusion.”

Flom was suspended in December pending an investigation into complaints. He was later reinstated by the administration without explanation. In response, student families and other community members issued press releases, organized two demonstrations, and spoke at the Eden Prairie School District board meeting.


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