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Roots for the Home Team returns to Target Field

Food choices at the ballpark have changed a lot from the days of hot dogs and popcorn. Thanks to Roots for the Home Team, Twins fans at Target Field can opt for a healthy salad made from locally grown vegetables.

“There's a lot of really good food at Target Field so I won’t kid you that it’s become more challenging since we first started ten years ago,” said Sue Moores, Director of Roots For the Home Team.

The organization nourishes young people’s “appetite to discover new possibilities and pathways for success.” As part of the program, youth who have participated in area community gardens get to sell salads at their own cart at Target Field Stadium.

“We have a lot of new young people in the program this year,” said Moores. “So I'm really excited for them to have that opportunity to be at the ballpark and to have the chance to sort of grow their sense of what they want to do.”

Moores said Roots for the Home Team is a youth development program centered around leadership, entrepreneurial mindset, and career planning, “With our hope that the young people that participate in our program will learn more about themselves, what they care about, and what they want to be able to do in the world with a pathway to help them start walking there.”

Due to the pandemic, Roots for the Home Team was at Target Field on a limited basis last year. Moores said her team of young entrepreneurs is excited to be back at the ballpark.

“It's such a unique experience, and such a memorable experience that the young people really find that as one of the main exciting components of what they get to do in Roots for the Home Team,” said Moores.


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