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Health In Her HUE specializes in health care for women of color

Health In Her HUE is a national online platform that connects Black women and other women of color to culturally competent healthcare providers. It also publishes health-related content that specifically caters to women of color.

Founder and CEO Ashlee Wisdom, MPH, says her own experiences working in healthcare inspired her to create the platform.

“I saw firsthand how the US healthcare system really isn't designed to be safe for Black women,” said Wisdom. “And we wanted to create a platform that didn't create more fear for Black women. We also wanted to create content and information that was culturally relevant and resonant with Black women so that they have the information to support them with best managing their health. Ultimately, we want health institutes to be the safest and go to space for Black women to get support with navigating healthcare and with managing their health.”

Health in Her HUE offers both free and paid premium subscriptions to its platform, with each offering different levels of access. Health in Her HUE is partnering with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota to provide premium subscriptions at no cost to the first 200 Black women and women of color who sign up from the Brooklyn Center community. Blue Cross has identified Brooklyn Center as an area of interest for community engagement.

Event attendees will also get an introduction to Health in Her HUE’s virtual care squad. Co-Founder and CPO Eddwina Bright says the squad was created because users asked for a more interactive community experience.

“It's a peer support group model that meets virtually twice a month for four months,” explained Bright. “And the group meets around a specific health topic. They're led by a Health in Her Hue facilitator through a curriculum that has been developed by board-certified physicians. And so through they’ll be able to learn about anxiety and depression and how that manifests in Black women. They'll also be able to create a wellness plan for themselves. So we're really excited and think that it'll bring a lot of value to the women in the community.”

The kickoff event will take place on Saturday, August 20th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Earle Brown Heritage Center, featuring Brooklyn Center community leaders, keynote speakers, and vendors. Registration is required by August 15th.


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