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We are a two time Emmy award winning news and multimedia production company that builds equity through storytelling.

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In our universe storytelling transcends boundaries and captivates hearts. As proud recipients of two Emmy Awards, we stand as a distinguished news and production powerhouse. Our mission goes beyond crafting narratives; we are architects of equity, amplifying voices that resonate with the shared human experience. At the heart of our endeavors is a commitment to fostering connections. We empower advertisers to reach diverse audiences, facilitating meaningful engagements that transcend conventional boundaries.


Welcome to a realm where excellence meets empathy, and every narrative is a catalyst for change and every story is a stepping stone toward a more inclusive world.





We produce a TV news show called "Here's the Truth" that airs weekly on the CW Twin Cities. When we first launched in 2020 we published news on our site, expanding with a formal newsroom in 2022. The incubation of our newsroom was so successful in 2023 it became its own organization that now publishes news stories daily on Power 104.7 FM.


We craft compelling segments and series tailored for both broadcast and digital platforms. At the core of our approach is a commitment to long-term success. We prioritize seasonal and annual partnership agreements spanning 3 to 12 months as our data shows its more effective for our clients. 


We serve advertisers who are serious about inclusion. Our trusted platforms reach over 15 million people annually with an emphasis on Black and Brown people in the midwest. We help companies large and small get their message in front of diverse communities and build brand equity in an authentic way that improves brand loyalty and trust.

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Here's The Truth

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Building Black Wealth

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Mothers Demand Justice

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What Happened to Ralph Bell?


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