LatestNewsWildfires Raise Climate Change Concern

Six Western states faced excessive heat this past weekend. The spark of wildfires sent 300,000 acres of land ablaze, going as far to affect power grids and surpass high records–which has become common following 2020. The fire blew out about 4,000 megawatts of the electricity lining California, after days of heat over 100 degrees were seen by states in the West. The reason for this is climate change. The state of America’s climate is declining and it will disproportionately affect poorer communities as conditions fail to improve. As the temperature increases the air quality declines, which for poorer communities can be burdening when faced with mitigation fees. The lack of funds typically allocated to poorer communities faced with the ill effects of climate change will result in poorer air and water conditions. And as slower turnaround times are already common in the maintenance of poorer communities’ infrastructure, natural disasters are to exacerbate that. 

Here is a video of Minneapolis community members taking a stand against an industrial zone polluting the air, causing respiratory, and other health issues amongst marginalized groups home to that area.

California, one of the states affected, is facing its worst drought in four years with low water levels, resulting in unseeded crop beds. This drought is expected to cause production loss for various sources of food, which puts states like California that suffer currently from climate change at risk of increased costs of living. Many people are already faced with the struggles of California’s cost of living, with high homeless rates and overcrowded conditions common to big cities in 2021. The cost of living is raising in most metropolitan areas in the US, despite the pandemic. Biden’s plan to shift to carbon-free energy sources can be crucial to slowing the effects of climate change from affecting other states that seem to not be affected as harshly. No water, no crops, no livestock. 75% of California is classified in “extreme drought.” And though the West has been facing wildfires, all regions of the US are soon to experience  the conscious effects of climate change without a new action plan. 


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