LatestNewsWhere is the Anti-Black Hate Bill?

“Results revealed that African Americans are most often the victims of race-motivated crimes” – Federal Bureau of Investigation 

April this year when the anti-Asian hate bill was passed, American senator Chuck Schumer stated, “Racism has always existed in America unfortunately and the legacy of anti-Asian sentiment goes back centuries to dark chapters in our history, like the Chinese-exclusion act and the internment of Japanese citizens during World War II.” 

Asian’s were faced with hardships during the outbreak of COVID-19, being blamed for the cause of the virus. This left Asian-identified folk as a target for violence, putting Asian communities in a vulnerable position. The anti-Asian bill was necessary one hundred percent. In no way am I proposing this wasn’t necessary for the safety, and ultimately the rights of, the Asian community. But it is the constant dismissal of the idea that an anti-Black hate bill is necessary, too. The anti-Asian hate bill raised questions, not because of who it was for, but because of who it hasn’t been for.  

Black people were targeted in hate crimes more than any other group in the US. – BBC News

The most racially motivated hate crimes are that against Black people. Just today, a white man in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, had hundreds of protestors come to his home in response to the hate statements he made to his Black neighbor, caught on a video that went viral. Because of the hundreds of people outside of his home, the aggressor was arrested. But this is not the first time Edward Cagney Matthews had been caught saying something negative to, or about Black people. In the video he refers to his Black neighbor in dehumanizing terms, and even antagonizes the police officer without repercussion. This is a prime example of how prevalent racism is against Black Americans, still. But this is also an example of how much the Black community lacks the support needed to assure one’s safety. Had those protesters failed to show up and hold space, would there have been repercussions? If there wasn’t a video of Matthews in the act, would the cops have stepped in? Would that Black man have been safe? Why does America lack the preventive measures needed to assure the safety of Black communities? Why must Black communities do it themselves?

Race is the prime motivation behind hate crimes, according to the FBI. If Black people are ranked first as most victimized for hate crimes, then why is there no anti-Black hate bill? The anti-Asian hate bill was passed even before an anti-lynching bill. Prioritizing the rights of one marginalized group over another. There are still no reparations for Black people in the US. Kunlun, the word used to describe enslaved Africans in China at the time of slavery, influences the division between Asian and Black people that carries into today. Black people were described as “lower class, ignorant, scary, and dangerous.” Similarly to the description of Black people through the white supremacist lens, by which we are repressed by. Is the lack of intention to protect Black people through law a political intention?

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