HealthLatestNewsThe Cycle of the Pandemic, Uncertainty Approaches the School Year

For children under twelve, concern arises as in one week 94,000 children were infected with COVID-19. As we anticipate the school year and approval for under twelve vaccination, a solution for a different demographic of people at risk has been offered to the public. Individuals who are immunocompromised have now been offered a vaccine booster. Now, if you have a compromised immune system you can receive an “extra administration” of the vaccine, even if you are fully vaccinated. As we know, the vaccine does not prevent you from getting the virus, but is said to minimize your chances and also the harsh symptoms common to those who do get infected. 

The vaccine booster in simple terms is an injection of the “immunizing antigen,” basically purposed to help one who may be immunocompromised create antibodies against the virus. The delta variant has been said to be a concerning risk to those who remain vaccinated, but this booster vaccine is just another option for those seeking further medical assistance. 

If you are unvaccinated, you are able to seek an antibody test as well, which has been said to create bodily resistance to prior strains of the virus, while the delta variant’s effects on those with natural resistance remains unknown, having a much more rapid transmission rate. 

The entire US is in a state of rethinking how to address the issue from a medical and economical standpoint. As things are shifting, schooling for younger children is leaving a lot of us on edge as far as how school will proceed, as hardships were faced with schools being shut down for those without adequate support to homeschool or withdraw their children. Here is a video on the current thoughts on that.

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