LatestNewsThe 45th Birthday of Murder Victim, Calvin Horton

Today is what would’ve been the 45th birthday of Calvin Horton. A Black man who, in the midst of the George Floyd protest–two days after George Floyd was murdered, was fatally shot in the chest at a protest.  The owner of Minneapolis’ Cadillac Pawn & Jewelry, John Rieple, shot into the crowd of marching protestors from his store that Wednesday, leaving Horton dead on the sidewalk. John Rieple, arrested at the scene, was released free of charge after two days in custody. The Horton family, even over a year later, still has not received justice. According to sources, Rieple wasn’t charged due to “lack of evidence.”

Apparently there was no camera footage to evaluate the tragedy, for what was said to be at fault of the protestors. The public claim was that the protestors destroyed all street cameras surrounding the scene, resulting in lack of evidence. Though counter statements were made saying the surveillance camera home to Rieple’s pawn shop was never retrieved by the police at the scene of Horton’s death, which is against protocol. After a six month investigation, the Minneapolis Police Department determined there was insufficient evidence to disprove Rieple was acting in “self defense,” as the shooter claimed. According to the public statements, several witnesses who had refused to come forward. When no claims beyond reasonable doubt were made to support the claim that Rieple was not acting in self defense, the case was dropped. 

Calvin Horton’s family has shared numerous times their desire for justice, only to be told by state officials the “looters stole the footage” and there is no case. Sources assume John Rieple has left the city of Minneapolis presuming his life in safety, as he hasn’t been seen at his pawn shop, nor in the city. The Horton family, on the other hand, remains unserved. How ironic for a person to die standing for Black lives, as a Black life, and no justice served. As the question prevails, when will Black lives matter, MPD?


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