LatestNewsTexan Democrats Attempt to Block Voting Restrictions

Texan Democrats fled quickly from Austin to intrude on Republican’s voting laws that’ve been said to disproportionately affect people of color. Over 50 Democrats departed in private planes and headed over to Washington, DC, and are now facing risk of arrest. Democrat lawmakers stated wanting to stop the overhaul of election laws being put in place by the Republicans–as walkouts have been effective in delaying former processes, but Greg Abbott, Texas’ Republican Governor, is vowing to arrest the Democrats “as soon as they touch back down in Texas.”

The Democrats knew the walkout would halt the approval of these new voting restrictions, at least enough for them to potentially negotiate. The Republican-led legislator was denied a quorum by the interjection, but unfortunately, though time has been bought, there has been no effective way for Democrats to block new voting policies. The voting bill would follow guidelines similarly to Georgia and Arizona, which I’ve covered here. In summary, many restrictions are to be put in place for future elections–restrictions said to negatively impact marginalized groups. The motivation for the new voting bill is in response to the statement made by former President, Donald Trump, who stated that the 2020 election was stolen. Texas is already one of the harder states to vote in and has a history of being a “red,” Republican associated state. As the South still in many ways, remains segregated, the impact of these new voting bills, if approved, will favor that in many ways. 


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