LatestNewsTasers, Media Habits and Policing at Center of Juror Questionnaire for Potter Trial

The 17-page juror questionnaire for the Kimberly Potter trial is sectioned off in six parts including a total of nearly 80 questions. Potter, the former Brooklyn Center officer, is charged with first-degree and second-degree manslaughter for the fatal shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright on April 11 just miles away from where the Derek Chauvin Trial was happening. During that trial the public witnessed first hand the significance of the jury selection process and how it contributes to the outcome of the trial.

Jury selection in the trial for the men charged with killing Ahmaud Arbery just weeks ago also raised concern after the process produced 11 White jurors and only one Black juror.

The juror questionnaire for Potter’s trial is similar to the juror questionnaire in the Chauvin trial in that several of the questions ask a potential juror how favorable or unfavorable they are about Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter. When asked outright during the jury selection process for the Chauvin trial people were disappointed in the courts decision to often times keep potential jurors who thought favorably of police but reject those who thought favorably of Black Lives Matter.

Page 9 of the Hennepin County Juror Questionnaire for the Kimberly Potter Trial

Another set of questions asks if potential jurors own any firearms, have strong opinions about firearms, whether or not they own a taser or know anyone who has been shocked or stunned by a taser. This will be especially important given the defendant’s initial claim that she had mistaken her gun for her taser when she fatally shot Wright.

Page 8 of the Hennepin County Juror Questionnaire for the Kimberly Potter Trial

Daunte Wright leaves behind a 2-year-old son. His mother, Katie Wright, recently held a public celebration to honor what would have been Daunte’s 21st birthday.

I shouldn’t be celebrating my son as a memory. He should be here physically with us. And it’s not fair, ” says Katie Wright.

The six major sections include Knowledge of the Case, Media Habits, Police Contacts, Personal Background, Opinions Regarding Justice System and Trial length & Ability to Serve.

Page 6 of the Hennepin County Jury Questionnaire for the Kimberly Potter Trial

Additionally the defense’s witness list was published on the courts website including thee names of 18 people, at least 6 of them are members of law enforcement including former Brooklyn Center Police Chief  Timothy Banon.

The Potter trial is set to begin Tuesday, Nov. 30.


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