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A South Minneapolis “staple,” the CC Club, has been facing racist allegations over the past couple of years. Patrons sharing that the long-time business is “not as it used to be.” The “diving bar,” as the business calls itself, is located in Minneapolis’ bustling area known as Uptown. Uptown has been the site of on-going protests following the death of Winston Smith, who was surrounded and shot by US Marshals in an Uptown parking ramp, which now has armed security guards preventing protestors from taking space, who were said to be “disrupting business”. 

Uptown has been at the center of the Twin Cities’ social justice movements, as companies such as Seven Points, formerly known as Calhoun Square. Acts such as hiring armed security to deny protestors from accessing the ramp where Winston Smith died, ordering the city to remove the Wince-Marie peace garden built and upheld by the community for Winston Smith–and later, Deanna Marie, who was killed by a violent driver speeding into a peaceful protest, for example, really rose question of intention for community activists.

Uptown also homed the event of Calvin Horton, who was shot by the Cadillac Pawn Shop owner, who had all charges dropped. Not to mention that Uptown is in very close vicinity to where George Floyd died, as Uptown is a sub-neighborhood in South Minneapolis, where the uprising began.

Uptown bars have a history of racial discrimination, so the experience at the CC Club for poc isn’t unique. The CC Club has an entire review thread of people sharing their experiences at the CC Club, which you are able to see for yourself on Facebook and google. Many POC talk about the disrespect and denial of adequate service faced by the white establishment, yet it still has over 4 stars in review…

One google review says, “This bar really doesn’t tolerate black customers.” While another says, “They seem to always ask us for our form of payment upfront and nobody else that we see around us. We are a minority couple and seem to run into this issue on more than one occasion. Hopefully this can bring awareness so they can treat everyone the same because people do pay attention to their surroundings and it seems unfair. We will not be coming back here.” So who are writing these positive reviews?

What I find particularly interesting about this, is that the CC Club was recently bought by another restaurant chain, French Meadow, a couple years ago. And in reference to the timeframe, the complaints, coincidentally, present themselves within the hands of the new management. French Meadow is an “organic” restaurant chain, with a location in Uptown as well. But French Meadow also has allegations against them, which could just could just be ironic, but the similarities amongst the reviews between both places are very coincidental. Leading me to question, what values are being put in place from a managerial standpoint? 

“It’s almost cartoonish how drunk with power Lynn and Randy are. Did you know they live above the CC club so they can look at cam footage and come down and harass people when they’re not “working hard enough” – French Meadow abusive practices thread via Reddit

“Besides the disgusting culture of disrespect and lack of human rights they have towards employees, one of the owners is against the BLM movement and has been pretty vocal about that in the restaurant. One owner even called a fellow employee a “Nazi” for supporting the movement because “it’s just a gang” and he’s “supporting anti-semitism”. -Cassandra Rose Keller via Facebook

I circled past a post today of a fight breaking out between a local queer Black person and a cop that the CC club pays to be there as “security.” Here is the post below.

Photo curtesy to @garbagefuckusa via Instagram

During a time in history where societal norms and “traditions” are being questioned and pushed and changed, especially from a social justice standpoint, are we reverting to old times of blatant exclusion as rebellion?


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