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Bob Fletcher, a Ramsey County Sheriff serving an urban area home to Minnesota’s diversiest communities made a statement in his “Live On Patrol” video, referencing “sundown town” when suggesting how he’d warn the “criminals” he was pulling up on, unannounced, a hundred years ago. Fletcher stated he would’ve told the “criminals” “okay son, you got til sundown to get outta town.” 

Fletcher stated he would’ve told the “criminals” “okay son, you got til sundown to get outta town.”

Here’s the 54 second clip where he said it..


Bob Fletcher attempted to dodge the claims that his statement was racist to the Pioneer Press, Claiming his statement was referring to “old westerns” and not race.“Obviously they never watched the same Westerns that I did where the Sheriff told gunslingers to get out of town,” his statement read. “There were no racial connotations intended whatsoever. The bad guys in the Westerns were white.” 

Fletcher has previous accusations of racial discrimination in the work place, but he continues to deny. St. Paul City Council Member Mitra Jalali called the live video “disgusting” and “unacceptable.”


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