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Released by Rhode Island’s police department was the anticipated body camera footage revealing grueling content of abuse. The body camera footage was released just last week, and in the video the officers are seen repeatedly punching the suspected teenage boys (unidentified) while they were being restrained by another cop. They even proceeded to spit on the children during a pandemic crisis. 

The event occurred following a police chase, after the teens were said to have been shooting bb guns at bystanders. There were 41 separate videos capturing the events totaling up to eight hours worth of footage. The video is hard to watch, as you can hear that the young men are obviously in pain, being hit even beyond the point of bleeding. One of the officers only ceased punching one of the teens in the face after being restrained by another cop. 

“Officers are trained to target muscular or fatty areas of a person’s body to prevent serious injuries.” –

The two officers responsible for most of the abuse, officer Domingo Diaz and Mitchel Voyer, are on paid leave and under investigation. A city wide protest following the release of body camera footage was scheduled the following Friday.

See the body cam footage below!



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