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What happened at pop star Travis Scott’s AstroWorld has stirred the news with controversy.

On one end, fans feel an unending support for Scott, defending him and suggesting him innocent. And on the other hand, he has been addressed in a way some would call a “conspiracy,” claiming Scott disregarded human lives over his performance and had evil attributes within the event. Regardless of what side you may fall on, there is a piece to this story that can’t be denied, and it’s the influence rap music has on our young people. 

Travis Scott, common to other artists in 2021 are controversial in their own, as many people feel music like Scott’s shouldn’t be accessible to children, despite the youth being his direct audience. He did a lucrative partnership with McDonalds, making himself a happy meal toy, which further exposed himself to younger children–who often already know about him.

The community in favor of cancelling Scott call what happened at AstroWorld “demonic,” while others feel this kind of thinking is foolish. But here, we have Travis Scott ordering his fans to cause chaos and destruction, and they do so without a second thought.A security guard hired to cover a Travis Scott concert spoke out saying Travis Scott almost got him and his coworkers killed, encouraging the crowd to fight the security and surpass the area security is ordered to keep clear of fans.  

Scott’s influence is undeniable. Anyone with a following like Scott has the power to influence the thoughts and actions of their target audience, and this has always been clear with Scott–and most die hard rap artists. Scott’s music, commonly, is heavily centered in drug promotion, with his song “Drugs You Should Try It,” women, promiscuity and sexualization, and the luxurious life; yet a ten year old that attended and died at AstroWorld.

Another thing I’d like to touch on is the media. There were at least 50,000 attendees according to mainstream media, yet only 8 people have been accounted and publicly acknowledged as dead. I did some digging, and this number does not reflect the numbers of those who were at the event speaking at their own discretion, in distress from the sights of their experiences. This particularly person who claims to have been pulling people who’d been suffering asphyxiation out, mentions he thought there were going to be hundreds of people dead. In the video he continues saying there were “so many bodies laid out,” continuing to mention they were black and blue in the face. He also says that by him there had to be “at least had to be 10 people dead.” This in conjunction with the girl who attempted to tell the camera “people are dying,” has raised skepticism around the numbers being reflected in the news.

Is the media lying to the masses?

An off-duty nurse attended AstroWorld and made a statement that the medical staff overseeing the event didn’t appear to be medically trained. She mentions they appeared panicked and unaware of how to check a pulse and perform proper CPR, leaving teens to do the job. CPR is basic foundational training for event medics. Why weren’t adequate medics staffed for the event–especially with that many people?

So far for Travis Scott’s team we have a camera man who wouldn’t stop rolling despite teen yelling “people are dying” and “stop the show.” We have seemingly overwhelmed and inadequately trained medics. And we have an array of popular artists performing on one stage, making it overtly crowded for all who attended resulting in deaths from asphyxiation and being trampled on. Lastly, we have Travis Scott who continued on with his performance and waited a day–alongside his fiancé Kylie Jenner (who remained uninjured), to make a public statement… Why? Maybe because of their marketing teams.

Despite whether Travis Scott has a disregard for “regular” human lives, his influence is undeniable.

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