LatestNewsPhiladelphia Police Officer Charged for Deleting Footage of an Unexplained Arrest

Tyree Burnett, one of the officers who was placed on restricted duty by the Philadelphia Police Department after he was caught deleting the video footage of an arrest out of a victim’s phone is now facing arrest. In the video below, Philadelphia officer, Tyree Burnett, can be seen forcefully detaining Jacob Giddings’ during a traffic stop, causing him to drop his phone which the officer retrieved before going through Giddings phone and deleting the footage of the arrest. The incident happened back in March 2021, but the officer hasn’t faced repercussions until now.

“While this happened in Philadelphia, this is something that happens all over the country,” Edwards said. “This exposes what’s happening. It exposes a particular incident, but this is a prevalent issue.” – Giddings’ attorney to Philadelphia’s CBS local news. 

According to Giddings’ attorney, Jacob Giddings was stopped by the officer at a gas station, demanding Giddings to get out of his car. He says Giddings was given no reason as to why he was being told to get out of the car, so he stayed put, pulled out his phone, and began recording. 

Giddings was then put in a police car and stripped of his phone, which he dropped during the altercation before the officer grabbed it and deleted the videos of the arrest. The video that caught the officer in the act was his own body cam footage. 

It was announced by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office on July 21st, this past week, that Tyree Burnett has been charged with tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice, and official oppression. The four year veteran is on a 30 day suppression, which he is said to be “dismissed” after, according to the Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw.

“It’s not just the officer who initiated this,” Edwards said. “It’s a support system that he had. It’s that the officers there said nothing and did nothing.” Attorney Lennon Edwards to CBS 3


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