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Last night, unidentified men who appeared to be undercover militia guarded the Lake and Girard parking ramp of Minneapolis, Minnesota, where Winston Smith was murdered on June 3rd. They were spotted assaulting a woman before bystanders showed up recording and demanding they identify themselves. They did not identify themselves, and held guns that were also unidentifiable by video, but the victim of assault did come forward and say she was told they were hired by Seven Points Uptown, which is a “bustling” city hub. It appears they were intentionally blocking off the parking ramp, where they permitted a bystander access by providing identification–and then sent one of the armed unidentified men to walk the bystander to her car. The unidentified men were spotted sending text messages shortly after Black and Black-ally bystanders began recording. They were also seen dispatching information on a radio in the video.

Video below taken by Dizzy/@afrodisiac.jpg on IG…

That parking ramp where Winston Smith was murdered was used by the community as a space of honorance and healing. Many people congregated in this parking ramp to stand for Black lives and also to hold police accountable. A garden in light of Winston Smith, and also Deona Marie, who was killed by a white man who drove through a peaceful protest held for Winston Smith–was created across the street from the parking ramp. The management of Seven Points Uptown took up the, as it’s called, Wince Marie Peace Garden, after a month of watching the community create it for memorial purposes. It is claimed that the garden was taken down due to concerns of “continued unrest.” On the Seven Points Uptown facebook page a statement was made in response to their reasoning for ordering the removal of the garden. “The continued destruction of property, violent acts, arson, noise ordinance violations and block access to Uptown residents and businesses created an unsustainable and unhealthy situation,” said Seven Points Uptown.

There is still minimal information around the intention of the armed men guarding the parking ramp, but this information seems to be intertwined. 


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