LatestNewsMayor Wayman Newton Denies Allegations of Derogatory Statement

An Alabama council member is facing public demands to step down after being using the n-word during a council meeting that was live streamed on Facebook. Council member Tommy Bryant who represents district 5 in the city of Tarrant, says he was using the word as a reference, claiming he was referring to Mayor Wayman Newton’s statement made in an executive session towards council member Veronica Freeman.

Bryant asked Freeman, “Do we have a house n***er in here? Do we? Do we? Would she please stand up?” In the footage of the council meeting you can see Council member Freeman break out in tears, shortly after she left the meeting and returned later. 

“He said it in a derogatory manner, I said it so people would know what the mayor said,” says Bryant.

Although, Mayor Newton is a Black man, Newton denies the allegations that he used the derogatory statement towards council member Freeman. “They are trying to expose me for saying something I did not say,”  “All of that was a political stunt that they did not do very well,” says Mayor Newton. “I never used that phrase to speak about her,” Newton said. “Ask them to produce the video. They record everything. They should have their own recording.

Mayor Newton’s feelings of “they want me out” is in reference to the council members and comes from the hardship he’s been faced within his position. On Newton’s first day after proposing the conversation of why Tarrant Alabama had no Black police officers, he faced assault charges from a now retired police officer, who accused Newton of slamming his arm in door after that conversation. It sparked controversy after the video was released, as many after watching that video said otherwise. 


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