LatestNewsPoliticsIs Biden Using the Wildfire Crisis to Compromise on Major Infrastructure Components?

Hazy skies have stirred concern for many in the US, as wildfires from Southern Canada and western US are faced with unrelenting wildfires–resulting in millions of acres of land burned to ash. Getty ImagesJust this year, records up until 2 days ago show 3.4 million acres of land lost to wildfires, following closely behind 2020’s devastating loss of 10 million acres. Wind currents have been blowing the smoke across the entire US, creating drier air conditions and poorer air quality. Environmentalists worry that without a fast and effective action plan it will cost the US billions, and even result in fatal conditions for some exposed to the harshness of the fires as conditions worsen.NASA Earth Observatory

Biden’s infrastructure plan, originally proposed as a 2.6 trillion dollar investment, is said to have cut costs down to $550 billion dollars. The original plan consisted of six major areas. Innovation, buildings, in-home care, utilities, transportation, and pollution. Now, the bipartisan plan only consists of pollution, which a little bit more money has been allocated towards. And transportation and utilities, which funding has been cut back on significantly. Critics question if the bill has sacrificed major components that would address many of the areas Biden has promised to the nation–partpeoplicularly to people of color. The removal of these investments will undoubtedly affect all inhabitants of the US, though the new plan is focused more on remediation of the current pollution. Said to invest in “Western water infrastructure and resiliency” to better withstand the effects of climate change.

Could the reactive approach to global warming result in compromise of the President’s promises to the people? Or are they just on standby?


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