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Could Amazon, one of the top internet companies in the world by revenue, be abusing its employees? Hashtag #AmazonAbuse and #AmazonisEvil has been used to highlight some of the unethical working conditions said to be faced by Amazon employees. Claims such as unsupported injury risk seen three times more than at other warehouses, ineligible sick pay even during the pandemic, two fifteen minute breaks for shifts sometimes up to sixteen hours, and unreasonable production requirements, such as packaging seven-hundred items an hour, are just a few of the examples Amazon workers have shared. 

But in the video link you can click below, you will see Amazon workers who share that they pee in plastic water bottles when having to use the bathroom. 

Reported to The Guardian by a former employee, Amazon employees are tracked by a computer the entire time you are on shift. If you do not meet your requirements, for some looking as drastic as having 7 seconds to pick each item at a rate of 400 items per hour, as shared by the former employee, you are written up by the computer’s algorithm. Former employees talk about the fast rate people are disposed of at Amazon after a few missteps. 

“Employee Activists,” as they’ve been called, have been fighting for Amazon to be unionized in Bessemer, Alabama; a process where employees make decisions collectively rather than operating through your typical “on the job hierarchy,” but the attempts have failed.  According to sources, Amazon enforced anti-union tactics during the vote, such as distributing anti-union pamphlets, creating a website instructing them to vote against the unionization effort, schedule changes, and held mandatory meetings, for example.


Jeff Bezos, one of the richest men–if not the richest man, with a net worth of 193.3 billion USD, making about $321 million dollars per day, has not answered to the amazon strikes that have taken place in light of these accusations. It is been claimed that the top dollar company founded by the billionaire has the ability to provide ethical work environments for its employees, but uses the company’s money for other things, such as building multi-billion dollar rockets, intended to support his project “Blue Origin,” which has mission of “colonizing the solar system.”

Benjamin Dixon, the source behind the video of Amazon employees having to pee in water bottles–is urging Amazon consumers to photograph their driver’s urine bottles, if witnessed, and to post it on social media with the hashtag #AmazonAbuse. Amazon, having a history of employees fighting for unethical working conditions still has yet to make any changes.



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