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James Stanback, a Minneapolis teen was killed yesterday after a pallet of lumber came crashing down on him while he was operating a forklift machine. It was a little after 10 a.m. when Stanback was found unconscious underneath the forklift by an emergency crew. After the police were called and the family was contacted hours later, the family showed up to the store to find it still open to the public. Protesters gathered outside the Golden Valley Menards, and police officers from different agencies displayed weapons and attempted to push protestors out the doors. 

Mystaya, the sister of James, expressed the disrespect she felt around the store remaining open for business, despite her brother’s death. The store closed later that evening due to protesters, but had a sign up disclosing that they would be back open at noon Friday, the next day. 

James’ sister shared that she worked at the Menards as well, and the few months she’d been employed, she hadn’t been properly trained on how to use the forklift. Mystaya had been working there longer than James, who had only been working there a month, yet a representative told news reporters that James was certified to operate a forklift. The Minneapolis teen had just graduated from Patrick Henry high school before he landed this summer job.

Protesters are facing arrest, but the number is uncertain.

Below is the live of sister, Mystaya, asking the community to “shut it down,”in reference to the store, since the store would not do so on its own accord.

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