LatestFatal Police Crash Caught on Camera

Minneapolis Police were in pursuit of a criminal suspect when they crashed into the vehicle of Leneal Frazier and killed him Tuesday morning. Frazier, an innocent bystander, was the uncle of Darnella Frazier the woman who captured George Floyd’s murder on camera.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Leneal Frazier, including Miss Darnella Frazier, who has now twice been directly impacted by lethal practices of the Minneapolis Police Department,” says civil rights Attorney Benjamin Crump who is now representing the Frazier family.

Initial concerns by neighbors about sirens and lights being off appear to be refuted by newly released footage of the fatal crash where it appears that the sirens were on the police cruiser involved in the crash.

Mayor Frey issued his first statement about the incident Thursday morning announcing he will review the city’s pursuit policy again. “The State is handling the investigation, and our local government will be cooperating fully to help ensure a transparent process. We updated the department’s pursuit policy in 2019 to make it far more restrictive and will again be reviewing the that policy, independent of the investigation,” says Frey.

A vigil was held for Leneal Wednesday evening at the site of the crash. Community leaders and residents who attended the vigil say they feel the actions of MPD prioritized property over people.


Police pursuits should be rare and law enforcement should take the greatest of precautions to protect all involved. especially innocent drivers and bystanders. The Frazier family and the Minneapolis community are mourning the loss of yet another Black life because of the irresponsible actions and failings of the Minneapolis Police Department. We expect a timely and transparent investigation by the Minneapolis State Patrol. The Frazier family deserves answers and accountability as they try to make sense of this terrible, and preventable tragedy,” says Crump.

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