LatestEconomical Stress Reveals True Colors

We know that schools are under stress financially. The pandemic has caused the school we ‘once knew’ to come to a stop. I can empathize with the idea that school administrators may be stressed right now, as they are the ones responsible for keeping the logistics underwraps. I can also offer compassion to the idea that private schools may be suffering most, figuring their finances aren’t supported by the state. But does this validate the mistreatment of students, who may also be stressed? Or the parents who trust you with their children, in your care? 

Daniel Aubin, President of Saint John Paul II Academy, was caught in a video recording raising his voice at the parents of an enrolled student, who stated their son was no longer enrolled in the private school after Aubin felt uncomfortable being recorded on camera. The mother mentioned publicly that she started recording because Aubin was disrespectful at first interaction and that they felt discriminated against as a Black family.

via instagram @earleylawfirm

The parents mentioned in a caption that their son was ordered not to come back to school for ten days due to allegations of COVID-19 exposure, yet never received next steps or a virtual learning option–offered through the hybrid learning model. The mother expressed how this felt odd, as her son tested negative, and even still, never received any information back regarding his education. Aubin, a few seconds into being recorded, orders the front desk to call the cops on the parents. Ending the altercation by telling the parents of the student that their son was withdrawn from the school. The parents responded calmly throughout the duration of the video clip. Later expressing via social media that they simply showed up for guidance around their son’s education and his class schedule.

The family now has an attorney behind them but say they’re battling the injustice of a complicated situation; having their son kicked out of school during ordered quarantine without due process.

Watch the video below for the interaction. Video credits to the family and attorney, Kaysia Earley


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