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This past Wednesday, in the middle of the night, Antwan Gilmore, a young Black man at the age of 27, was shot dead in his car by D.C. police at the intersection of Florida and New York avenues. A bystander allegedly called the cops, stating that the victim was unconscious and stopped at a traffic light before the cops showed up. Mentioned in an interview, five cops arrived on the scene after an officer called for backup. The five officers said they approached the vehicle, attempting to “not wake him up,” when they saw a gun secured at his waistline. According to the officers, when they woke him up, he attempted to drive forward before being fatally shot, rolling down about a block before the vehicle came to a stop. 

What I find interesting about this is that the cop made a public statement that the victim was unconscious in the vehicle–but that his foot was still on the brake at the stop sign, hence, holding up traffic. So as the officer, knowing his foot is on the brake… Upon waking, wouldn’t it be assumed that easing off the brake would be a natural response to proceeding the action in process before the victim fell asleep? In other words, to drive?

The other thing I find interesting is that the police officer seen in the video (below) speaking on behalf of the incident mentions that there was a ballistic shield deployed, which cut off the sight of the body camera from the event. The officer explains that they will “try” to get a better idea of what happened leading up to the shooting, but that right now, the ballistic shield is cutting the initial cop’s body camera view. 

Antwan Gilmore, after rolling down the block, fatally shot, his car came to a halt, which then he was escorted to the hospital and pronounced dead at the scene. Will justice be served?

Here’s the video I’m referring to, disabled here, but accessible on Youtube…

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