LatestNewsCelebrating the Passage of the Hardel Sherell Act

Community members and supporters came together to celebrate the passage of the Hardel Sherrell Act this weekend in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Hardell Sherell was denied medical attention and support from the jail’s staff. Hardel Sherell passed away on the floor of his jail cell after a newly hired nurse practitioner was ordered to oversee Sherell; warned that he faked seizures and paralyzation. Here’s in-depth video footage of the last days Hardel Sherell spent inside his jail cell. BLCK Press founder Georgia Fort worked with Unicorn Riot’s Niko Georgiades to break the story showing the harrowing footage of Hardell dying in his jail cell. Video footage below.

Mother Speaks on Son’s Death in Jail from Unicorn Riot on Vimeo.

 Hardel Sherell was only 27 when he was pronounced dead in Beltrami County jail, with the autopsy directly connected to what the staff claimed Sherell was “faking.” The nurse admitted she knew he wasn’t faking and was being left to die.



The nurse did eventually send a letter of complaint to the Minnesota DOC, the overseer of all the state’s jails, though they claimed they found “no violations” in regard to the incident. Del Shea Perry, Sherell’s mother, created lots of public attention which resulted in the DOC properly re-evaluating the conditions at the facility. 


The injustice faced by Del Shea Perry led her to create “Be Their Voices,” a non-profit that supports those that have lost a loved one in incarceration. At the celebration, families with similar experiences of losing a loved one to neglect in a criminal facility came forward to speak and share their passions to end these circumstances of tragedy. Celebrating the “layer of protection” this Act will add to the current and future incarcerated communities of color.





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