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Saint Paul’s Rondo community was never the same after the I-94 highway was constructed right through it; tearing apart a once united bustling Black neighborhood. From the mid-50s through the 1960s, this primarily Black community suffered tremendously during the construction timeframe, as many were forced to relocate outside of what was Saint Paul’s biggest Black neighborhood. Not to mention with little to no compensation offered towards the transition. Rondo was the epicenter of Black excellence...


Let’s talk about colorism. Colorism is the source of the many insecurities I work to heal and unlearn in the process of loving myself. I was a little girl when I experienced colorism for the first time, and I didn’t understand the long-term effects of what I’d internalized until I got older. Through colorism, I experienced body dysmorphia, a condition where one sees themselves differently than how they are perceived by others. My round, West-African...


Cities should end the aggressive enforcement of quality-of-life ordinances. Arresting, fining, and jailing homeless people for acts related to their survival is not only cruel; it also funnels formerly incarcerated people back through the “revolving door” of homelessness and punishment, which reduces their chances of successful reentry at great cost to public safety. – The Prison Policy Why aren’t criminals receiving the proper resources necessary to be better civilians post sentence? Where is the compassion...

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