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Almost a year ago mass protests broke out across Nigeria against police brutality, through the widespread hash-tag #EndSARS, referring to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). Unarmed protesters were brutalized, shot, and even killed by police officers during the outbreak that occurred in October 2020. According to the ​Humans Right Watch, this information was not public until a judicial panel was held. “The authorities should stop denying the truth and focus instead on correcting their wrongs by...


Desperate to escape in fear for their lives, many thousands of Afghans are attempting to flee their country. The Taliban, a group created by former mujahideen commander, Mullah Omar, is enforcing control once again of the war bound Afghanistan, in the capital of Kabul. Mujahideen is a term used to describe those who fight on the behalf of Islamic faith. This explains the heart of the twenty year war between the Afghan government and the...

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