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Let’s talk about colorism. Colorism is the source of the many insecurities I work to heal and unlearn in the process of loving myself. I was a little girl when I experienced colorism for the first time, and I didn’t understand the long-term effects of what I’d internalized until I got older. Through colorism, I experienced body dysmorphia, a condition where one sees themselves differently than how they are perceived by others. My round, West-African...


June 25th, Derek Chauvin was sentenced to twenty-two and a half years in prison for the killing of George Floyd. It was originally anticipated that he would only serve twelve years, but an additional ten years was added to “honor the pain of the Floyd family.” May it be my opinion when I say no amount of time is worth the life of another person. But the criminal system operates more than on judgement of...


Justin Allen was born and raised in the Fountain City of Columbus, Georgia in 1988. Known as a preacher’s kid, or PK, Justin was reared in devout southern Baptist values on the south side of the city; the section allegedly designated for the have-nots south of the Macon Road. As Georgia’s third largest city, Columbus is home to more than 194,000 people, according to 2018 U.S. Census data. The city is the original home of Coca...

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