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Food in the context of “Blackness” has become very political, as now many of us have the luxury of choosing our foods to various extents, unlike many of our ancestors. It’s become political through systemic racism, but also for the very fact that “Black food,” is still centered around what was given to us during slavery–not as a means to nourish our bodies, but a means to keep us alive to continue our duties. Overtime...


For children under twelve, concern arises as in one week 94,000 children were infected with COVID-19. As we anticipate the school year and approval for under twelve vaccination, a solution for a different demographic of people at risk has been offered to the public. Individuals who are immunocompromised have now been offered a vaccine booster. Now, if you have a compromised immune system you can receive an “extra administration” of the vaccine, even if you...

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