LatestNewsCameras Now Allowed During Kim Potter Trial

The community can now be apart of the Kim Potter trial…

After it was decided there’d be no broadcasting of the Kimberly Potter trial, Minneapolis’ social justice community began to feel silenced. #StopTheCoverUp is a “spreading” saying in the streets of Minneapolis. A saying used in these particular situations where the community feels excluded from systemic decision making, as the community wants part in the justice they’re fighting for. But, it has now been accounted that broadcasting will be permitted, allowing cameras into the space during the trial set for November 30th, allegedly.

Who is being protected? 

According to the news, originally, live streaming and public camera footage wasn’t allowed to “protect” Kim Potter’s safety. But how could we hide our collective respect for Daunte Wright’s life, as a city, as change-makers, behind the protection of the reason Wright isn’t breathing today? The former long-term Brooklyn Center police officer, whether by accident or act of impulse, pointed a gun (she originally claims she thought was a taser) at a 20-year-old young man and shot, resulting in his death. By allowing broadcasting–which in turn offers transparency, the community can be apart of the conversation and ensure those that do blatant wrong are held accountable. 

Judge Regina Chu, the judge that originally decided to have an enclosed trial with no cameras allowed, faced a protest outside her home Monday evening. The protesters demanded to be a part of the conversation, as skepticism against the system is prevalent in marginalized communities that often have a long history of being underserved. Speaking out seemed to work in the protesters favor, as shortly after the protest the new announcement, permitting broadcasting. 

Daunte Wright’s 21st birthday just passed on the 27th of October. The community came together to honor Wright’s life alongside his mother, Katie Wright, who reflected on the surreality of her son being gone and how he should still be here with them and his son, who will have to grow up fatherless due to Potter’s actions…

Below is a video of the protest…


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