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We are one day before the deadline of when the U.S. troops are proposed to be back from Kabul, Afghanistan. After 13 U.S. troops, and about 200 Afghans died in what was claimed to be a suicide bombing tactic last week, President Joe Biden announced he’d be publicly addressing the end of the 20 year war on Tuesday, August 31. It’s been mentioned that the last U.S. troops have made it back from Afghanistan as of yesterday, two days before the deadline, but despite this, lingering non-troop Americans and desperate Afghans have been left behind.

Many people have lashed back at Biden’s decision to withdraw the troops, suggesting that the U.S. troops are responsible for the current take over happening in Kabul by the Taliban in a way. Nonetheless, the Taliban have hinted to the public that it wouldn’t be a good idea to have any U.S. troops remaining in Kabul past Tuesday, and have even claimed to allow foreign nationals to leave Kabul. Although, for Afghan nationals it’s very different. Afghans are being stopped from reaching the airport, as the Taliban claim they’re important for “rebuilding.” 

As the nation awaits to hear his proposition around the current matters of Kabul and the Taliban, Afghanistan is quickly being run over rough shed at the U.S. troops’ departure. 

The Taliban were even seen shooting their guns up in the air in light of victory as the last U.S. force plane left. Thousands and thousands of Afghans managed to escape during the U.S. evacuation, but now that all of the U.S. troop support is gone, the rest is left to the hands of the Taliban. Joe Biden has expressed “no forgiveness” to what the event of the suicide bombing, publicly stating “we will hunt you down;” which was addressed as just the beginning, after the U.S. drone strike hit and killed Islamic State targets and innocent bystanders (10 family members and 7 children) in retaliation of the suicide bomb. 

What does the fall of Afghanistan look like beyond this? And how will this newly ended relationship affect the United States? 

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